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Fasza kompakt, hátulján lévő mágnessel simán leraktam a smoker oldalrára.Bluetooth kapcsolattal ,hamar párosodik. szól ha elveszti azonnal szól. Tesztelve lett vizforralóval , és 100 foknál többet nem mutatott.
Дёшево , удобно.Бысьрая доставка. Упаковка двойная, без повреждения. Хорошо для летних заготовок ягод вишни. Занимает мало места, стоимость заказа очень хорошая. Рекомендую у кого нет такой вещички, обязательно купите, пригодится в домашнем хозяйстве.
Feines, edles Thermometer, damit ist euer Fleisch so wie ihr es wollt, nicht zu kalt, nicht zu warm. Danke Gearbest, Preis, Leistung! :-)
Arrived sooner than expected and I think really has good quality
very resistant, beautiful and cool bottle. i put cold water in the morning and the water keep cold in the end of the day
This is a very fancy bottle opener. It has a very fancy blue light. It is very easy to open any kind of bottle
nice item.... it does the job... thank you gearbest for the unique products...
+stylish<br>+useful<br>+keeps temperature very long time<br>-i didn't find
This is mandatory in every house, must be one of my best purchases ever. Recomend it hard!<br>Just be careful trowing them at the glasses, they can break
es schärft. muss man vorsichtig umgehen, habe manchmal das Gefühl es bricht gleich auseinander beim messer durch ziehen.
Encantado con el producto. Mantiene la temperatura del agua fría dos días. Lo compraría de nuevo.
The melon slicer is from medium quality. The cutting is now easier and the slicer can be washedin a dishwasher
bruska nozov je naozaj masivna a dobre sedi v ruke pri bruseni noza. odporucam kupu tejto brusky nozov.
Mantiene la temperatura de los líquidos mucho tiempo y el diseño me encanta
24 ours ice water