Light up your world with Utorch, a leading brand for premium quality flashlights, lamps and other lighting solutions. For those who demand quality without compromise, get a world of bright ideas for less with Utorch.

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Světlo bylo dobře zabalené a bylo doručeno zcela v pořádku.<br>Hezky svítí místnost 20m je nasvícena velice dobře , do menší místnosti bych to nedoporučil svítí to opravdu hodně.<br>Světlo jde dobře ovládat ovladačem i mobilem. <br>Barevná světla v noci vytvoří příjemnou atmosféru při sledování Televize i když nejsou nijak výkonná ale hezky se roztáhnou po stropě ( mám typ bez aury )<br>Má dobrý zvuk a připojení přes Bluetooth funguje rychle a bez problému. Při zapnutí a vždy když při nastavování intenzity světla a hlasitosti se při 100% ozve zvukový signál který je moc hlasitý ( v noci to ruší ) <br>Nepovedlo se mi zapnout hlasového asistenta ( myslím že ho to nemá ale že je to kompatibilní s prodávanými asistenty )<br> Montáž byla velice snadná. <br>Dodávaný návod je velice jednoduchý a mohl by být lepší ale na druhou stranu po připojení si každý velice rychle na ovládání zvykne není co řešit tlačítek není tolik. <br> Pokud chce někdo regulované a dobře svítící světlo s dálkovým ovladačem a reproduktory tak tohle je za velice hezkou cenu.<br>Já jsem velmi spokojen a mohu to jen doporučit myslím že za tuhle cenu nic lepšího nešlo sehnat.
воздушный и аквариумный свет - цена 200грн<br>шланг и пульт дистанционного управления в комплекте - работает без проблем<br>Я не пробовал это в аквариуме<br>пневматический пистолет и свет аквариума - цена 5,5 €<br>В комплект также входит шланг и пульт дистанционного управления - работает без проблем<br>Я еще не пробовал это в аквариуме<br>Спасибо Вам, магазин на высоте. Быстро и четко реагируете отправляете и помогаете. Товар очень понравился буду брать еще. Сделка прошла успешно. Еще раз большое спасибо.<br>Очень качественно изготовлен, претензий не имею.<br>Недостатков нет.<br>Thank you, the store is on top. Quickly and clearly respond, send and help. I really liked the product I will take more. Deal has been completed successfully. Thanks again.<br>Very high quality made, I have no complaints.
This Utorch rechargeable flashlight is a mini powerhouse. <br>Easily fits in palm of hand yet puts out a strong , bright , expansive beam of light. The mode features work well and the accessories, like the flashlight itself, are top notch. Being able to charge the battery without removing it from flashlight is extremely convenient. <br>Living in a rural , mountainous, wooded area having a couple of these flashlights handy is quite reassuring when power goes out or “things go bump in the night”!<br>As I said, for the price, and what you get for it, it's a great flashlight.
A Utorch já nos habituou a produtos de qualidade e esta H09 não é excepção. Esta Lanterna LED 1000 Lumens satisfaz os mais exigentes, para além de ter um carregamento magnético muito prático. De notar que não vem com bateria, usa uma pilha 18650. Dado que tem um tamanho pequeno torna-se muito prática para trazer no bolso, para além de ter u acessório que é um gancho para prender no cinto. Muito boa compra, recomendo.
I absolutely love these lights. I would put them up against its Streamlight equivalent any day of the week for durability. I now have 6 of these and between my buddies and I, we probably have a few dozen or so. <br><br>Pro’s<br>Much less expensive than main stream lights out there<br>Just as great of quality <br>Fits just as well as competitors <br>Brighter than most of my older $150-$250.00 lights<br><br>Con<br>No ability to adapt switch plate for a pressure switch
Very useful item for differentlt challenged people. My wife is using wheel chair and it was difficult for her to switch on/off light at night. Now she is very happy since the day it has been fixed in the washroom. It has now reduced my burden of getting up at night to switch on/off light for her. We both are really grateful to Gearbest for providing such a useful item at such a reasonable price. Planning to buy more.
I love this flashlight because in the dark you can find easily the torch by the green light and the beam is very nice with the deemer. you can choose the beam you want.Definitely worth the money. High lumen output and good design.
Capita spesso di avere necessità di una forte illuminazione, in posti dove non è possibile allacciarsi alla rete domestica o per comodità e velocità si ha bisogno di qualcosa di portatile ed autonomo.<br>Questa Utorch W1 è perfetta, con due batterie tipo 18650, non incluse, l'autonomia e la potenza risultano veramente elevate, riesce ad illuminare fortemente un ambiente medio, per moltissimo tempo.<br>In questo modo è possibile fare qualsiasi tipo di lavoro senza alcun problema.
It does what it is supposed to do. (I have used it all summer)<br>It combines two functions in one: keeps away mosquitoes (and other insects) and provides light.<br>It would have been even better if one could turn off light but not the insect repellent part.<br>However, at this price, it is perfect.<br>The shipping took 3 weeks or so (to Romania), and I received it in good conditions.
I've bought this for curiosity, because the offer was a gift. The price of the batteries 4 x CR2032 worth half what I paid. <br>But it looks great glowing in the dark. In daylight, it appears as a white cord so you can use normally in your shoes. <br>It is a good gift for teenagers.
отличная лампа Utorch UT31 LED,есть пульт и множество функций освещения,описанию соответствует(для коридора 10кв.м)брал по акции рекомендую!<br>a great lamp Utorch UT31 LED, there are many functions and remote lighting, the description corresponds to (for corridor 10 m) took on the action recommended!
I like this and actually use it for a night light in my bathroom. I keep the solar panel section in my window. This came in real handy when the power company turned off the power here in California because of the high winds!<br>I have many areas where I would like to put a solar light. but don't have sunlight in those areas, so this is the answer!
This is the best, brightest solar sensor light I ever had!!! Aldo it's not on a perfect, sunnyest place, it still has enough power to turn on im the morning... And it's powerfull, enlightens long, big stairs! I highly recomend it!
Its an awesome product. The quality is very good and so is the length. I like the colour of the light as its very subtle and not very bright. The only thing to make it better would have been to run it on batteries and not USB as one needs to connect it to a USB outlet or a charger. and this makes it difficult to hide the wire.
- Good quality product;<br>- The price is reasonable;<br>- Perfect gift for outdoor activities;<br>- Built-in 2600mAh rechargeable battery, USB charging;<br>- 4 gear position and light perception function;<br>- Suitable for: Mountain Bicycle,Road Bike,Touring Bicycle.
wenn man die Lampe über den Lichtschalter steuert, hat sie immer volle Leistung beim einschalten.<br>Eine Bluetoothverbindung wird dann mit einem ziemlich lauten Geräusch bestätigt. Damit kann man gut Leute erschrecken........<br><br>Die letzte Einstellung merkt sich die Lampe, wenn sie über APP oder Fernbedienung gesteuert wird, der Lichtschalter immer an ist und die Lampe mit Strom versorgt ist.
Amazing lamp, looks very nice and modern and works also well. I was a bit afraid of white color possible coldness, but it is very comfortable warm white with adjustable levels. If you are looking for something modern and not so ordinary then that product is for you!
I have been using these for more than a year and still I am very happy for this purchase. Bought 4 in total and placed to my garden. In Sweden you can not expect lots of sun but quality of these are really incredible and feeling very secured with lighting.
Ordered good arrived as specified time where it described and also matching descriptions in seller advertisement.<br>I am very satisfied with this purchase and I recommend it to person interested in buying the items without hesitation at all.
Una prima consegna di queste lampadine nel pacco da 2 conteneva una malfunzionante. <br>Ho contattato Gearbest che ha provveduto ad inviarmi una sostituzione. <br>Ne sono pienamente soddisfatto e le ricomprerei subito. Secondo me sono fenomenali e funzionano benissimo. Peccato per la prima spedizione che ne aveva una rotta altrimenti sarebbero state 5 stelle
Received the light with quick delivery and promptly installed it in our bathroom. It really puts off nice diffused light that will work well above the mirror. It's ability to change color and brightness is a real plus
nice product. they would make a good gift if the packaging was a bit nicer and not destroyed during shopping... They work well
Une excellente surprise. L'installation est aisée ainsi que la configuration. Le relais avec Google Home est simple à réaliser en enregistrant ses plafonniers avec l'application Smart Life ou Konycks. Qualité de fabrication robuste et finitions dignes de grandes marques. Je recommande.
lamapada de led smart wifi com controle de voz!!! controle pelo app smart life que é facil de instalar e usar, varios temas e controle de intensidade de cores e luz, o produto atende oque se promete eu recomendoo!!
Quite nice. Brings a nice glow around the house once connected. Got it because I wanted something that would accentuate my living room without necessarily being too bright. I recommend it.
Livraison rapide et soignée. Produit conforme à la description avec un beau design. Par contre, il faut vraiment que la lampe soit dans l'obscurité car la lumière violette est plutôt "faible" et n'attire les moustiques que dans ce cas. Le ventilateur fait un petit bruit mais permet pour autant de dormir à côté.
Live in a dark place. Mayo Clinic calls it SAD SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER. Well made. Clear instructions. Well packed .
Приехал быстро, светит намного лучше шрота на мелких светодиодиках. Правда брендирован не Utorch, а Alfawise, из-за это снимаю одну звезду. Поспрашиваю саппорт, может пробьют, подделка или просто ребренд, в зависимости от результатов, изменю оценку.
Good quality, easy to install. Lots of lighting features, easy-to-use remote controls, and mobile applications. However, the 3000 lumens in the description are a bit exaggerated ....
Ametto che non avrei mai immaginato di comprare questo prodotto. Affiancato ad un altro prodotto similare, lo lascio acceso giorno e notte e con efficacia, quest'anno, ho dormito sereno con la finestra aperta. Non si sente il rumore della ventola, o quanto meno ci si abitua subito! Lo consiglio.