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Недавно была приобретена звуковая электрическая зубная щетка Oclean One. Но в комплекте с щеткой идет всего 1 насадка, запасной нет совсем. Естественно встал вопрос о покупке новых для замены через 3 месяца, как рекомендует производитель. В данном наборе по очень привлекательной цене (306 рублей) присутствуют 2 насадки. Указано по-английски, что щетки розового цвета предназначены для чувствительных зубов. Тактильно вроде ничем не отличаются от заводских (желто-голубых), жесткость такая же. Впрочем отличие все-таки есть, в розовых насадках не используется щетина Dupont, используется другая немецкого производства. Сами насадки упакованы в фирменную, очень твердую упаковку. На каждую насадку надета индивидуальная пластиковая защита. Качество материалов на высоте. Советую к покупке!
Very light brush - great in your hand.<br><br>Minuses:<br>- the hour in the brush shows the Chinese hour - not the one in which country you are; APP does not help - only the date is updated.<br>- touch - it is ... but tragic. The touch hangs, it's hard to accept changes, navigation is difficult to use (but to get used to) - but you can set most in the APP and send settings to the brush - only then the touch loses meaning ...<br><br>Brush rating: 10/10<br>Evaluation of the brush operation: 10/10 - super modes of action, good vibration and good cleaning. Compared to PHILIPS SONICARE for $ 100 - much better !!<br>Touch rating: 3/10 - you can see that it's far from being intended by the manufacturer.<br><br>Super gift to order - additional replaceable tip!
I have been using this toothbrush for about 16-17 months now. It is great, I have had no problems with it. It works very well. It is noticably gentler that an electrical toothbrush (comparing to a classic oral-b toothbrush) but the overall effects are at least as good as the of the latter's. The battery needs to be charged every 3-4 weeks and the charging speed is as described. After almost 1,5 yrs of using it hasnt lost its great quality, it doesnt wear any visible usage marks. I dont have much to say about the dedicated app because I havent been using it in other way than just to make the initial settings.
The product arrived very fast and it was very good packed. The brush has a fancy box and it looks really nice. Installed the App and made my own brushing plan. So far updated 2 times and it works fine. Only thing that seems to be buggy is the option "Smart anti-splash" - it automatically slows down the brush even being in the mouth. So i turned it off. <br> But all in all, this is the best brush I've ever had.
El envío se realizó como siempre, embalaje perfecto y tiempo de llegada largo.<br>El cepillo dental funciona perfectamente en sus cuatro posiciones. Los programas que están programados en el cepillo son los mas habituales y funcionan correctamente. La duración de la batería, si la comparamos con la competencia, se mantiene durante mucho más tiempo.<br>Lo que creo que tendrían que mejorar es en su aplicación. Hay que activarla en repetidas ocasiones para que el Bluetooth conecte el cepillo con el móvil y así controle tiempo, carga de la batería, etc.
This is a great brush esy to use and very effective. My doctor suggested me switch to this kind of brush. This Oclean z1 indeed solved my problems. It is intuitive and easy to use, just charging it overnight for the use of 30 days. It does a great job of cleaning. The pastic cover and box aer very elegant and stylish. The APP has useful statistics for me to know how well I brush my teeth. It would be a good gift for my family and friends.
Nice brush, good quality. Ok for gums, doesn't hurt them. On the photos with two brushes the one on the left it's the brush from the set with my Xiaomi Oclean Air toothbrush. They're identical. Replacement brush fits well, of course.
Da ich mir die Oclean Air zugelegt habe, da brauch ich natürlich auch Nachschub. Gab diese hier in leichter Cremefarbe. Zwar auf der weissen Bürste nett so schön, aber auch nett schlimm. Der Blitzangebot Preis war mit Rund 12€ für 4 Stück ok, also zugegriffen.
fajna szczoteczka. w końcu przestały krwawić mi dziąsła. w połączeniu z aplikacją jest super. można ustawić gotowy cykl mycia zębów lub stworzyć wlasny. zdecydowanie polecam
I do not know if it suits a brush - but it's great that they gave a free replacement tip to order !!<br><br>The tip is different than the original one in OCLEAN X.
war zunächst skeptisch, doch die Zahnbürste ist tatsächlich sehr wertig . Sie funktioniert tadellos und kostet 60 Prozent weniger als die Philips Sonicare, welche schon 2x getauscht werden musste. <br>Absolut empfehlenswert! Versand dauerte übrigens 2x Tage
The item looks like on the picture. Great price.<br>Pink Color is beautiful. <br>I chose it due to back with brush for tongue. <br>Fits to Oclean SE :)
very nice toothbrush at a good price, the battery lasts for a very long time, cleans teeth thoroughly, delivered in 2 weeks :)
Great magnetic holder, super quality.<br>Very easy to install on the tiles.
Very good quality for this price. Recommended this seller. Very good quality for this price. Recommended this seller.
Запасные щетки. Родная за пару месяцев поизносилась. Пришли быстро,упакованы качественно!
The item looks like on the picture. Great price. <br>I chose it due to back with brush for tongue. <br>Fits to Oclean SE :)
Bardzo dobry produkt pod każdym względem, do tego w świetnej cenie. Z czystym sumieniem mogę go polecić :)
Fast shipment. Very good and solid device - all work as expected. I fully recommend device and seller!
Wszystko jak w opisie, przesyłka baaaardzo szybka! Szczoteczka świetnie się sprawuje. Polecam!
It's very good quality and easy to remove. Cleaning teeth is accurate and delcate.
excellent electric toothbrush, very nice, fast delivery, good price
Only used for oclean brand. quality is good and longer time for used
Very quick shipping, comes with box, good for moving!
Ritengo Oclean come il migliore spazzolino da denti provato da me, ne ho due, non mi sono fatto scappare la possibilita' di acquistare una testina di ricambio a questo prezzo.
This replacement replaces toothbrush well and cleans teeth even better. I will buy this replacement brush head again when my current brush stops cleaning my teeth.
very nice. very good product. good music. very nice
Tudo direito, qualidade Oclean como sempre. Tempo de entregue normal, 3 semanas, apenas demorou a enviar o artigo quase duas semanas.
A cola poderia ser mais forte, pois está um pouco frouxo e pode cair a qualquer momento da parede, de resto é robusto a forma como a escova fica pendurada.
Оригінал, я задоволений!!!! Замовляв 2 шт ще з насадками, приїхали в оригінальній заводській упаковці заклеєні ще й скочом від оклін.