Huawei is the world famous brand of telecommunication devices and electronics. Centered in the heart of China's silicon valley, Huawei has been a global leader in its product portfolio and market saturation. The smart devices division within Huawei has produced some of the most beautifully crafted pieces of electronics. Stability and consistency is Huawei's main strategy and that helps them to stay dominant across so many platforms.

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"Very nice and well made case.Stability and consistency is Huawei's main strategy and that helps them to stay dominant across so many platforms."

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I state that I tested them with a huawei p20 pro. The package arrived in excellent condition. Very minimal. Instructions are only in Chinese. Inside we find the headphones, the charging case and a type C cable. <br>Pro:<br>Fast mobile phone coupling, convenient, excellent volume. Voice commands are in English or Chinese (play music, stop music, change song). 2+ hours duration at medium volume. If you have a huawei with android 9 you have iphone style animation during pairing or after connecting them. Good sound quality, great for both music and calls: calls are in stereo, people hear you well. <br>If you love sports, they are great to use even during training.<br>Versus:<br>On whatsapp or telegram the headphone microphone is not recognized for voice messages.<br>The popup animation is not always accurate (with each pairing). Touch controls not customizable: you can only pause or start the song (right headset) or call voice assistant (left headset). The battery of the box seems to last less than indicated.<br>Regarding the stability of the connection is quite good despite using a phone with Bluetooth 4 (p20 pro does not have a good bluetooth connection). I would certainly recommend using a phone with Bluetooth 5.<br>To sum up, I recommend the freebuds 2 pro, they are a great product, excellent volume, excellent ergonomics. I also recommend taking them at a discount and not at the full price (around 100-120 euros). They work on every device with bluetooth: pairing animations are only available with huawei devices with EMUI 9+ on board.<br><br>Regards
Devo dire che mi sono trovato per il momento molto bene con questo prodotto. E' un prodotto di ottima qualità con molteplici funzioni l'applicazione collegata è anche in italiano semplice e di facile utilizzo. Il bracialetto è impermiabile e dotato di gps ad un costo concorrenziale.Si puo' monitorare il sonno, i passi percorsi durante la giornata ( se in piano di corsa o in salita) i battiti cardiaci e si puo' monitorare anche vari sport come ciclismo o nuoto o tapis roulant.<br>Sono attivabili anche le notifiche di chiamate e messaggi di vari programmi con la limitazione pero' nella visualizzazione a pochi caratteri. Lo scherno è di buona qualità anche se in piena luce solare non è molto visibile
The materials are fairly decent, and the build quality is also good. They aren't the most durable cables, but they're about the best data and charging cables I've owned for the price. Most every other cable I've owned in the same price range were garbage - they either didn't work out of the box, they broke quickly, the plugs didn't fit well, or the data transfer rates were garbage. These cables are comparable to cables I'd pay twice or three times as much for. We have two phones. Naturally, one is USB-C and the other micro. Pure convenience. By being attached, one is not lost or misplaced.
Definitely I love this device. Excellent shipping, good packaging, swift delivery. seller highly recommended . if there is anything high than 5 stars, I would have awarded GB more than five stars... Huawei AF15 stick is probably as perfect as Xiaomi stick, if not better... I have bought it for a half of the price in a special promotion, so huuuuuuge satisfaction and recommended. Thank you Gearbest.
Original Huawei flip case of P10.<br>Have it almost for about 2 years and it holds just fine!<br>Very durable flip case which protect a lot the beloved Huawei P10.<br>You can answer a call without opening the case by just swiping the transparent plastic part of the case.<br>You will also get all the important notifications, without opening the case.<br>Great desing.<br>Excellent and quality materials.<br>The fabric material has a nice feeling to touch.<br>A great product!
Comprei este telemóvel e recebi passado 20 dias. Packaging impecável, sem qualquer mossa. O telemóvel é muito ágil, demonstra solidez na performance e sem atrasos a trabalhar com as aplicações. As lentes fotográficas permitem uma grande abrangência de tipo de fotos e a qualidade, mas em ambientes com demasiada luz não é facil calibrar a foto. A bateria dura 2 dia facilmente, com médio uso de 4G.<br>Estou muito satisfeito com este telemóvel. Recomendo :)
My new android pad has the c type connector. It is the only device in the house. I was looking for a secondary cable so I can put in my car or bring to work. For it's a very good deal. And you get 2 of them. I bought these to be almost-disposable, as there's a chance I won't get them back if I loan them out or set them up somewhere public. As such, I appreciate the low-low price. They work more than just "well enough," so I might get more and add them to some of my travel kits.
I really like this selfie stick. I’ve used a couple selfie stick before. This one stands out and by far is the best one I’ve used. Some Pros. .<br><br>- Solid built. Made by high quality material.<br>- Tripod Stand - This is a genius idea. It is very easy to use. You change it to stand selfie stick in seconds.<br>- Bluetooth remote to control your phone taking pictures. Pair it with your phone is super easy. The remote is charged by micro USB, very convenience.
Supports Quick Wireless charging for Huawei P30 Pro, Great for all Huawei Phones that have wireless charging. The black one has a velvety texture, soft and looks nice. The USB cable is a bit short, but if you will use it un a desk is alright. I believe Quick Wireless charging is slower than regular Quick charging connecting the phone to the USB cable, but I have not made time tests. Overall very happy with it.
I bought it for $7 and at this price this is value for money. Build quality is excellent, sound quality is above average, noise cancellation not that great. Mega Bass mode looks gimmicky. Over all premium looking product with good sounds.
O preço realmente impressiona, comprei há algum tempo (meses) e continua impecável até hoje, a tela é bem resistente, ele é rápido, as câmeras são boas, o único ponto negativo é a bateria, dura apenas um dia com carga de trabalho média e uso de economia de energia. Fora isso a tela é linda, o aparelho por si só é bonito e conta com entrada p2! Recomendo.
Recebi muito mais rápido do que esperava. Até agora cumpre com todas as expectativas. Já vem com capa transparente, vidro protetor e auriculares. Ótimos acabamentos. Relação preço qualidade muito boa. Só uma sugestão à GEARBEST: A morada no pacote estava tão minúscula que o funcionário das entregas e eu não conseguíamos lê-la. só se conseguia ver o código postal e não a rua. Só número de telémóvel ajudou à entrega mas mesmo assim também estava quase ilegível.
El telefono funciona a la perfección en México, las especificaciones son justo como lo anuncian y es un modelo que no se consigue con esas especificaciones aquí. La camara es de lo mejor, seobtienen fotos super definidas. La memoria esta bien, pude instalar muchas aplicaciones sin problema. El tamaño es algo grande a lo que acostumbro pero esta perfecto. Me encanto.
good shoes .fast shipping.i like it<br>With PU material and comfortable lining for great ventilation, these shoes are breathable and comfortable, reducing foot odor and keeping your feet warm. The durable and anti-slip outsole keeps your safe on slippery roads, you can enjoy outdoor time with the maximum security.
Now my Huawei M5 is like a notepad!<br>Áll the screen is mine, not taken by the virtuális keyboard.<br>The touchpad is very sensitive and accurate.<br>The case itself is a little heavy, but robust and elegant.<br><br>Bending the backboard is slightly heavy, but I think this is áll about the stability.<br><br>Great buy!
I was looking for a true wireless earphone... Finally i find it's. The shape and the how the fits looks like the most famous product made by Apple but instead of them, with this if you have and Honor phone, you have a full support and incredible felling.<br>The first time you match them with your phone an animation appear, its easy to set up and use.<br>No problem till now and very long life of the case and of the earphone.
I confirmed the charger is 100% original huawei fast charger it comes with micro usb cable in the box you could find the authenticity qr code
This time I bought a discount through Gearbest. Very good condition after receiving the product<br>However, there is a risk of loss due to shipping from the post office to the mailbox. I hope to be changed to registered delivery in the future.
This is by far the best service I have ever received from Gearbest. easy tracking and fast delivery. Watch is spot on and works perfectly. I'm happy with my purchase. thank you Gearbest!
Muito bom,simples de configurar e muito útil.<br>Sensores bem calibrados e funções ótimas.<br>A loja enviou rápido,o único problema foi que só apareceu no rastreio depois que chegou ao Brasil porém chegou super rápido,em apenas 16 dias<br><br><br>Amei gearbest,ganhou um cliente<br><br>S2
Good phone for the money, lasted a couple of years, used until battery started to die, GPS not the best, but other than that everything worked well.
Ich habe das Honor-Band 5 nach Erhalt getestet und bin sehr zufrieden.<br>Qualität und Haptik bewerte ich als ausgezeichnet.<br>Die Einrichtung war recht einfach und problemlos. Die Funktionalität des Bandes <br> ist ausgezeichnet und hat meine Erwartungen und Ansprüche völlig erfüllt. <br>Ich bin kann das Band uneingeschränkt empfehlen.
Amazing screen experience. <br>Thrilled dual stereo speakers!!<br>Responsive and fast.<br>User friendly UI.<br>Camera is ok for day purposes.
Contento con lo esperado, movil ecónomico y fiable, camara decente, sonido bueno, conectividad buena y lo más importante cobertura y escucha en la llamada muy buena.
Ottimo prodotto sotto ogni aspetto,carica il mio mate 20 pro ed il mio iPhone abbastanza velocemente,lo consiglio a tutti in virtù anche del prezzo in rapporto alla qualità del prodotto.
Works as should be fast connect, I use it with a mate20pro totally worth it!
The cable came at the right time to be honest, it took about 4 weeks to arrive and it's working properly. Everything went well, from the purchasing to the delivery.
Current version of honor 3 does not support Turkish language. You can use it in English. Then you have to convert your mobile phone language to English as a well.
Can't live without it and should have bought it sooner. Lasts forever, charges more than one phone from dead to full and still has more charge left before needing to plug it back in.
I have been looking for a selfie stick for my Huawei P20 Pro and this one works great for it. With the light for dark spots, helps me shine. I recommend this.